Most industrial monitors, touch panel computers and panel PCs do include some mixture of I/O. In a lot of applications, the I/O required is more extensive than what most monitors can provide. A hardware solution I have found valuable to many customers over the years is a fully configured UNO Embedded Automation PC combined with a flat panel monitor.
This combination is valuable for quite a few reasons. First, the UNO  can be mounted on the back of the flat panel monitor, which is great because it doesn’t take up much more space than the monitor would by itself. The UNO is also fanless, which makes for less moving parts from a failure perspective. The UNO Embedded PC is also I/O intensive with several GbE LAN, USB and COM ports configured on each unit, which provide for great I/O flexibility. Most of these units also include one or two PCI/PCIe slots, Core 2 Duo, Atom and i3/i5/i7 CPU options and CF/SSD for storage.
So, what’s needed to make this work?I/O Intensive Industrial Flat Panel Monitor

  • Fully configured UNO embedded Automation PC 1100/2000/2100/3000 series unit fully configured with CPU, RAM storage, operating system, assembly and test.
  • Flat panel monitor of your choice (They range from 12” to 21.4” widescreen multi-touch).
  • UNO Series and Flat Panel Monitor Mounting Kit.
  • Power Source for 12V AC or 24V DC Power Input.