LEIM QA demo check
Running through the demo in my hotel room.

This year I was fortunate enough to attend the 38th annual Law Enforcement Information Management (LEIM) Conference in Atlanta, GA, which was put on by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Being that this was the first trade show I’ve ever been a vendor at, I certainly learned a lot! For instance, I learned that inevitably the awesome demo you had planned will certainly go awry at some point…and that it really isn’t good to lock your knees when standing all day. Unless of course you enjoy feeling muscles you never felt before in pain for the rest of the week.
But I also learned about some really critical needs within the law enforcement community and how we can help with these challenges. After speaking with a few different departments from a variety of locales, it was pretty evident that certain technology applications that have been well vetted in the commercial world are now becoming accepted and applicable in law enforcement. Some of these technology applications include:

  • The use of barcodes and data capture tools to enhance ticket issuance and record keeping,
  • The use of RFID for evidence and asset tracking, and
  • The use of mobile devices (such as tablets) for many law enforcement activities.

LEIM 2014 Trevor
Ready to go!

While many departments expressed similar desires at the conference, the ways in which they needed to go about them – as a result of their existing infrastructure, processes, and cultures – were very different. The differences in the actual implementation of the technology applications is where L-Tron can help. We recognize that no two departments are the same, and that while everyone is up for best practice sharing, there are still individual nuances that have to be addressed. For over a decade, we have demonstrated to the law enforcement community what we have proven for over three decades in the commercial world: our ability to listen, question, and fully digest the needs of every customer first, only after which we then develop a solution that optimizes fit and feasibility for the department.
Through partnering with, and not just selling to, our customers, we are able to provide a model that allows departments to dip their toes into the proverbial technology pool, without a huge investment up front, if that is what the department needs. If we can help set up a demo or execute a trial, we will, and through this co-authoring of the technology application with the law enforcement organization, we have consistently delivered the desired results. We are the technical experts that you can count on!
So, while the tradeshow was certainly a fun experience, with all its travel woes and logistical feats, it really hit home for me just how important L-Tron’s approach is and why law enforcement organizations from all over continue to call on us, time and time again.
See you next year, LEIM!