If you read our blogs regularly, then you know that our blogs are usually written by L-Tron employees.  For this blog, we decided to try something different – and feature a “Guest Blogger” from our friend, Bob Taflinger, Sales Engineer at Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc. (III). Thanks, Bob!
Power X with biometricOver the years, the LANpoint fixed mount DOS and CE terminal products have competed against a whole bunch of other guys who are now out of business; anyone remember the MaxiLan product by UBI or Antares 2480 by Intermec?
Today, our biggest competitor for the data collection marketplace is the desktop computer.  It is cheaper, faster, has more memory, and has larger displays.  Yet, there are many pitfalls to putting a PC in a shop environment.  Here are several advantages of a LANpoint over a PC:
1.  LANpoint products are small and compact and don’t take up the space of a CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and connector cables. 
2.  LANpoint terminals are a “all in one” solution with a keyboard, display and touchscreen housed in an industrial case.
3.  Easily mounted on the wall and out of the way.
4.  No moving parts like spinning hard disks or fans to wear out.
5.  Consumes less power and generates less heat.
6.  Users are restricted to the application at hand with no access to games and other Internet hazards.
7.  Industrial rather than commercial components.
8. If theft is an issue, LANpoint terminals don’t look as good under the Christmas tree as a computer and monitor.
LANpoint Time

Intelligent Instrumentation manufactures industrial, rugged, and open-architectured terminals, PLC’s and I/O for installation in stationary locations.  III is based in Tucson, AZ where all design, manufacturing and support take place.   III is proud to be a “made in the USA” company for over 30 years.