Suitable for a variety of applications, the Gryphon I GBT4400 reads 1D linear and 2D bar codes, in addition to capturing images with camera-based technology.
L-Tron’s Area Imager Keeps Users Up-To-Speed with Technology
Multi-market total solutions provider, L-Tron Corporation (, in conjunction with Datalogic Scanning, presents a feature-rich area imaging device valuable for a wide variety of applications. The omnidirectional Gryphon I GBT4400 2D area imager swiftly reads both 1D linear and 2D bar codes, in addition to capturing images with camera based technology. The Gryphon utilizes a sharp, clear aiming system, which provides users with a visual “cross” to easily aim, while the imager’s good-read “Green Spot” offers users visual confirmation that each bar code was properly read. Furthermore, users can switch automatically between handheld mode and stand mode, thanks to Datalogic’s Motionix(TM) motion-sensing technology. The Gryphon also utilizes deep-red illumination that is dim to the human eye, enabling comfortable usage even after sustained periods of time.
Suitable for applications ranging from the retail and entertainment industries to healthcare and transportation, the Gryphon is ideal for a variety of increasingly popular mobile applications. Mobile coupons and airline tickets, for instance, can be easily and reliably decoded from cell phones and other mobile devices. Furthermore, as the pharmaceutical industry moves closer toward the use of 2D barcodes, the healthcare industry is well-served to utilize the Gryphon. Allowing providers to easily and track patient records and medications, healthcare applications also include bedside scanning, document handling and inventory management. The healthcare model additionally allows users to disinfect the unit with cleaners and sanitizers. L-Tron offers both standard range and high density models of the durable Gryphon I GBT4400, as well as additional options for users in specialized fields. Featuring intuitive capabilities and Bluetooth® wireless technology, the cordless Gryphon is suitable for every general purpose scanning need.