Omnidirectional scanner with advanced mobile operating system, microprocessor, memory and multiple connectivity options captures barcode data from up to 30 ft away.
High Performance Bar Code Scanner Withstands Extreme Conditions
In response to marketplace needs, L-Tron Corporation, teamed with Motorola Solutions, presents a cutting-edge data collection device built for reliability and durability within the harshest surroundings. While operating the MC9190-G bar code scanner, weather factors become irrelevant, due to the device’s outstanding endurance of extreme temperatures, rain drops, and dust. Distance and lighting concerns are no longer problematic, as the omnidirectional scanner can effectively capture bar code data from up to 30 feet away and poor lighting is combated with an easy-to-view backlight display. Furthermore, the MC9190-G’s design features flexible, sturdy glass able to easily tolerate various human mishaps, such as drops, scratches, spills and bumps.
The technical capabilities of the MC9190-G are equally as impressive as its ruggedized design, as the scanner incorporates an advanced mobile operating system, a powerful microprocessor, exceptional memory abilities and multiple connectivity options. Featuring a 2D imager engine, the MC9190-G can easily scan all types of bar codes the first time, including bar codes that are damaged or dirty.
As a customer-centered company, L-Tron focuses on providing quality solutions that can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of their customers. The MC9190-G imager offers customizable density and DPM options, plus the imager may vary based upon the anticipated scanning distance and lighting conditions of a customer’s application. Additionally, owners of previous models in the MC9000 line can cost-effectively upgrade to the MC9190-G, as all of the older accessories are compatible with the new model. Delivering improved accuracy and resiliency, the MC9190-G contributes to greater productivity on the workforce and is an ideal solution for demanding data collection tasks.