L-Tron recognizes the numerous difficulties faced by police officers and supports the law enforcement sector by providing the most current technology and equipment needed to complete daily tasks
L-Tron Allows Patrol Cars to “Pull Ahead” in Comfort
Lengthy shifts, dangerous environments and tedious paperwork are just some of the challenges faced by law enforcement officers today. L-Tron Corporation recognizes these difficulties and supports police officers by providing the most current technology and equipment needed to complete daily tasks. L-Tron now offers a heavy-duty line of Havis patrol car products designed specifically for the new 2011 Chevrolet Caprice police patrol vehicles.
Products include various mounting alternatives, a center console, and a sliding trunk tray. Mounting options allow for communication and emergency lighting controls to fit comfortably between the front seats, while computer components can easily be custom-mounted upon the dash. The trunk tray effortlessly permits additional gear to be stored and mounted without taking up extra valuable space in the patrol vehicle. This type of custom-fitting equipment is well-received by patrol officers and their supervisors, as it leads to increased productivity, safety and comfort on the job.
L-Tron’s innovative e-Citation solutions have become increasingly popular among law enforcement officials and County Clerk offices as a means of decreasing ticket dismissals and increasing revenue. Additional public safety offerings include equipment tracking software, ruggedized laptops, mobile computers, scanners, printers and patrol car mounting accessories, all of which are widely utilized in the law enforcement community today.