Our ruggedized keyboards, pointing devices and flat panel displays are ideal for industrial, medical, military and public safety applications. All of these devices withstand extreme temperatures, dirt, water, and corrosive environments.
Keyboards, Pointing Devices and Monitors for Heavy Duty Work
L-Tron Corporation has developed a reputation for providing reliable industrial and ruggedized computers that withstand the harshest of environments. In addition, L-Tron’s lesser-known iKey computing accessories are just as impressive, standing up to the challenge of executing top-performance within harsh conditions. Conceived with industrial, medical, military and public safety applications in mind, iKey produces keyboards, flat panel displays, and pointing devices to suit unique consumer demands. All of these devices are resilient and durable, withstanding extreme temperature ranges and have NEMA-ratings to indicate resistance to dirty, wet, and corrosive environmental conditions.
Intended for mobility, iKey keyboards are small and thin, while some are even designed to be “wearable” on the user’s arm. Multiple keyboards feature adjustable backlighting and wireless connectivity to allow work to continue in less-than-ideal settings. Additionally, specialized applications can be applied by utilizing customizable function keys.
Beneficial within industrial computing environments, iKey’s high-quality flat panel displays can easily be integrated into new or existing systems. Flat panel displays can be mounted in a variety of fashions, and L-Tron offers numerous models that include robust touch screens, as well.
Pointing devices by iKey are both sensitive and durable, many featuring optical technology to allow functioning on multiple surfaces. Options include mice, trackballs, and joystick/mouse (Hula Point) combinations.