Did my ball just go into…

Wouldn’t this be cool? You’re standing at the golf tee, hit what looks like it’s a beauty of a shot, and then suddenly it shanks right into some mini forest that the groundskeeper decided needed to be on the side of the fairway because this par four wasn’t quite hard enough. Normally the ball would be lost, you would have to take a drop ball, and screw up your handicap.
This being the future though, you pop out your tablet, and turn on your GPS. Your ball immediately pops up with a triangulated location within that overgrown rough. How, you may ask? Through the miracle that is your ball having an RFID chip in it along with a very generous misuse of your membership dues in planting RFID readers all through the forest. You save your ball, your sanity, and your handicap.
Now this is a far-fetched example that came to mind during one of those mini-nightmares that I tend to have during golf season. If you want a more practical example think of this: how much time and energy are you wasting chasing packages all around your warehouse because of how many hands need to touch them to go from receiving, to the plant floor, back to shipping? How much money?
Now I want you to imagine a world where every widget that comes through your door gets a simple tag put onto it. From then on you know down to the pallet where it is in your warehouse at any time you wish to pull it up. If the shipping manager needs to know, they can pull up the location on their mobile computer. If the plant manager needs to know his output, he can pull up exact numbers. If the Inventory Manager needs to know the exact count of every widget in the factory at any one time it is at his finger tips.
Unlike my ludicrous golf example, that world is here today at a cost well within every budget.
I often hear the phrase that asset tracking solutions “seem expensive.” Compared to what? Hundreds of hours of lost time? Thousands of dollars in equipment losses? What’s an initial outlay when the return on investment will continue to benefit you for years in the future?
The future is now. Get your solution before it becomes a problem.