“Fast, cheap, or easy—pick two”

This saying has been around for awhile now, but when it comes to technology these days, you may not necessarily have to pick only two.
Can you “have it all” now with the improvements in technology?

To remain competitive, you need both the ability to envision what’s coming and to respond in a timely manner with the right solution.

Enterprise agility requires us to rely on information technology (IT) to support a dynamic environment. We can’t bog down our IT professionals with managing legacy systems (a euphemism for “outdated”). They’re doing piecework instead of forward thinking, like maintaining that old car that needs a steady infusion of oil and locating parts for a vehicle that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.
They’re essentially providing life support on a system (devices, software, network infrastructure) that has lived beyond its use. Pull the plug already!

If you want to increase your operational efficiency—and what successful business doesn’t?—you need to examine your IT agility.

I’d rather have my IT folks looking into better ways to drive the business forward—work smarter, not harder—with productivity that creates profitability, than stitching together gaps in my technology.
Yes, software needs patches, but how often? And if you’re sacrificing efficiency because you don’t want to purchase mobile technology for your workforce, how much are actually paying for the unnecessary, unproductive labor costs?
Factor the IT management into the ROI of improving your technology. You’ll probably realize a rapid return.
Assess your current IT situation:
When did you deploy the technology you’re currently using?
How has your market changed since the deployment (e.g., increased competition, demand for more services, faster turnaround, better pricing)?
Have you expanded your offerings (services and/or products)? How do they expand your business potential?
What functions (e.g., reporting, data accessibility, connectivity, enhanced security) need improvement?
Have you successfully migrated to the cloud?
One more question:
Is your business under-performing to its potential?
Every aspect of your business can benefit from information technology—from front office to back end, and beyond (field service, direct store delivery, yard management).
IT agility enables you to swiftly and effectively adjust to changes in each area—whether it is in the products and services you offer (range agility), or the timeliness you can bring them to market (time agility).
Technology is evolving, and will continue to do so. If you are mired in legacy systems, you’re weighing down your business in a concrete foundation—stagnating, inhibiting growth. Respect the value of your IT team and the processes they can impact with better technology. Stay agile. Learn more about the importance of IT to your business success here.
Nowadays, you don’t have to pick your outcome—like fast, cheap, or easy. You just need to decide how agile you want your enterprise to be.
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