Thermal mobile printer is lightweight and easy to use, featuring a winning combination of drop-resistance, speed and high-quality printing for retail, healthcare, and transportation and logistics applications.
Drop-Resistant Mobile Printer Offers Peace of Mind
L-Tron Corporation, joined with premier partner Zebra Technologies, presents the newest addition to Zebra’s QL™ family of mobile printers.  The QLn320 is a direct thermal mobile printer with 3-inch-wide printing capabilities.  Zebra’s widely popular QL series has been known for its easy-to-use features and steadfast durability.  The QLn320 maintains these standards, while offering improvements in the areas of speed, quality, user-friendliness, integration, management and more.
“Printers from the QLn series are lightweight and easy to use, yet have the durability to remain drop-resistant.  Customers appreciate the sense of resilience they experience when using these printers,” says Jason Culliton, of L-Tron, as he explains why customers are fans of Zebra’s QLn series.  “Customers who have purchased from the QL series in the past also appreciate the fact that they can upgrade to n320 printers, while remaining compatible with previous generation QL printers.”
With a large, easy to navigate display, the n320 is resistant to drops, dust and moisture.  Numerous features of the n320 lead to improved productivity, including faster printer response time, proactive alerts to minimize down-time, easily accessible help menus, and remote printer management via Ethernet.
Ideal for retail applications requiring fast, high-quality printing, such as shelf edge, price, mark downs, return labels and tags, the n320 is also useful for printing healthcare specimen and pharmacy labels.  In addition, this printer is well-suited for the transportation and logistics functions of pick, place and shipping labels.
L-Tron offers a broad range of printers ( …) for all types of applications, including a wide-selection of mobile printers enabling businesses to print on-site and on-demand.  With the latest technology and sharpest looks, L-Tron provides mobile printers for any purpose – from warehousing to field work to retail and more.