L-Tron Partner & CMO, Gayle DeRose nominated for the 2018 RBJ Women of Excellence Awards


The L-Tron Corporation is proud to announce that CMO and partner, Gayle DeRose, has been nominated for the 2018 Rochester Business Journal (RBJ) Women of Excellence Awards.


What are the RBJ Women of Excellence Awards?


Rochester Business Journal has opened up nominations for the 2018 RBJ Women of Excellence Awards. The awards identify high-achieving women for their tremendous career accomplishments. Winners are determined based on professional experience, community involvement, leadership and a continued commitment to mentoring. The goal of the program is to recognize female leaders at the top of their careers, who have achieved success in the community and through mentoring.

Winners will be honored at an awards dinner in April, which will be held at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center.

“The Rochester Business Journal is committed to recognizing professional excellence and celebrating success. We are looking for women who truly inspire others around them – through their actions, their words and their deeds.”

Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, RBJ Publisher



About Gayle

In addition to being L-Tron’s Partner, COO and Marketing Director, Gayle is a proud, self-proclaimed ‘Edu-Techie.’ She is honored to be a partner in a technology leadership role, and mentors the members of both the Operations and Marketing teams.

As a leader, Gayle believes the best leadership is transparent, leads by example, and is able to bring out the best in those around them. At L-Tron, every employee is considered an individual leader. They are given a voice and encouraged to grow as individuals and within the company. This brings forth new ideas and encourages collaboration among team members.

Gayle (and L-Tron Corporation) values continuous improvement, empowering their stakeholders, and standing by 100% quality standards. L-Tron has a customer-focused approach and strives to put the customer first in everything that they do.

Outside of work, Gayle’s life is centered around her family. She recently welcomed a new grandchild into the family. In addition to spending time with her children and second generation children (grandchildren), Gayle also enjoys reading, gardening and watching tacky reality TV shows. She loves a good glass of red wine and is a life-long learner. Click here to learn more about Gayle and her role at L-Tron.

Gayle is excited to be nominated for this year’s RBJ Women of Excellence Awards. Stay tuned to hear about the winners and check back soon for more L-Tron news.

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