Happy National High Five Day! 

High Five! Look out; you’ll be getting a lot of these today. That’s right- It’s National High Five Day!


Happy National High Five Day

Typically, National High Five Day falls on the third Thursday in April. This year, the holiday falls on April 18th 2019 (today!)

The day is dedicated to giving High Fives to everyone for any reason whatsoever. Ate a strawberry yogurt? High Five! Sent an email? High Five! Filled your water bottle? High Five! There is nothing too simple or effortless that doesn’t deserve a High Five today. Spread the love- be sure to High Five all your friends and coworkers. You can even High Five a stranger if you want (just make sure they know it’s coming). You deserve a High Five just for reading this post!


Spread kudos and kindness all around.



Learn more about the High Five – who invented it & where did the name come from?


The first high five likely originated from the sports of baseball and basketball. According to wonderopolis.org, “many people believed that the first high five took place on October 2nd, 1977 at Dodger Stadium between Glenn Burke and Dusty Baker of the LA Dodgers.”

The name “High Five” literally comes from the action of the hand gesture. In order to ask for a High Five, you raise up your hand and 5 fingers, and slap (palm to palm) another persons raised hand. This is normally in celebration, or to give kudos for a job well done.


We love our quirky company culture. Check out this video to see how L-Tron celebrated National High Five Day last year. Alex went around to all of our team members and asked for a high five – a few people were not expecting it!

National High Five Day



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