LET January editionThe Light Grenade was featured in the January 2018 edition of LET Magazine


L-Tron’s Light Grenade was featured in the January edition of LET (Law Enforcement Technology) Magazine. The first issue of 2018, this edition of LET focused on ammunition and tactical gear. You can find the Light Grenade on page 13. Learn more about the Light Grenade, or order one for your department, by visiting L-Tron.com/LightGrenade.

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Created by Cops

The Light Grenade article, titled “Created by Cops”, focused on the “best law enforcement products to come to market” that stem from Law Enforcement Officers who have a challenge or issue that can’t be solved by the current offerings. The article featured 11 products created by Law Enforcement and built specifically for Police Officers. Other products featured in the write-up included the ‘Field Sobriety Test Mat,’ a discreet sling bag, HaltzGloves, and STAC System traffic cones. These products all exist to help protect Police Officers, and to make their job just a little bit easier.

The article describes the Light Grenades origin story and how it can help protect Police Officer’s lives:


“L-Tron’s Light Grenade was developed by a former police officer who found he had lost his tactical advantage when he chased a suspect into a dark, abandoned building while on patrol.”


“[The Light Grenade] eliminates the traditional flashlight tunnel vision and is portable, non-lethal and rugged enough to break through glass.”


LET, January edition, page 13

About Law Enforcement Technology Magazine (LET)Light Grenade


Law Enforcement Technology Magazine was created with the Law Enforcement Manager in mind. LET focuses on new, emerging trends and technology in the Law Enforcement field. Officers use LET to determine the new tools they need for their department.


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