Happy Mothers Day from the L-Tron team!

L-Tron would like to wish moms everywhere a Happy Mothers Day!

A history of Mother’s Day:

The first Mother’s Day church service was held in West Virginia in 1907, the same day a special service with more than 15,000 attendees was held in Philadelphia. An increasing number of celebrations and services were held over the following seven years, until Mother’s Day officially became a national holiday on May 9, 1914. The U.S. President at the time, Woodrow Wilson, chose to honor mothers throughout the country by thanking them for the hard work, love and the sacrifice that it takes to raise children.

To this day, the public celebrates Mother’s Day (even those who reject the commercialism that runs rampant during this “Hallmark holiday”), spending over $23 Billion as a nation on cards, flowers and gifts. In fact, an annual survey by the National Retail Foundation estimates that 86% of Americans will celebrate the holiday this year. We appreciate the moms on our team and want to recognize them for their hard work in and out of the office – and everything that they do for their families.

Meet our Moms!

Here at L-Tron, we are proud to have 4 mothers in our midst.

Gayle is mother to three grown children and grandmother to six (with a seventh on the way!).

Cathy has a son and a daughter. 

French Fry Day Cathy

Doris has a grown son, daughter and one grandchild.

Carmella is mother to three young children, ranging from ages 3 to 8 years old.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day? Share your pictures with us on Facebook.

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