Chesapeake Bay IAI

We’re on our way to Richmond for the 2019 Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference


Chesapeake Bay IAI Division’s Educational Conference

When: April 3rd through 5th 2019

Where: Richmond, Virginia

Visit the Chesapeake Bay IAI website to learn more:


About this year’s Chesapeake Bay IAI Conference:

The Chesapeake Bay Division of the IAI “shall be a regional division of the parent body of the International Association for Identification and shall operate as a non-profit incorporated in the state of Maryland” ( The Chesapeake Bay Division of the IAI was first formed on November 1st, 1962. The organization boasts many accomplishments. They annually host a spring conference, several training events, and put out the “Chesapeake Bay Examiner” forensic magazine.

This year’s conference will attract forensic scientists and investigators from across the east coast. In addition to networking on Wednesday night, and a banquet dinner on Friday night, attendees can look forward to some of the following sessions;

  • “The Code of Trust – An American Counterintelligence Expert’s 5 Rules to Lead & Succeeed”
  • “Detect More Evidence: Extend your Search Beyond the Visible”
  • “Interview Room to Court Room: The Basics you Need to Succeed”
  • Case Study: “The Use of Spherical Photography on a Greece, NY Murder Case” (by our own Andy McNeill)
  • “‘Not Guilty’ – A Fingerprint Case Review”


Case Study “The use of Spherical Photography in a Greece, NY Murder Case” presented by Andy McNeill.

In a data-driven society, increasingly influenced and directed by technological advances in digital media, studies show people retain more information when it is presented in visual formats. From crime scene to courtroom, spherical photography is an accepted and frequently expected forensic tool. Andy McNeill, L-Tron’s Director of Forensic Education, MFS & retired Sheriff’s Deputy, will provide an introduction to spherical photography and how 360 degree photos may supplement and support your DSLR photos. The session will incorporate a homicide case study that explains how spherical images were used for scene documentation as well as “containers” for other digital evidence. The presentation will conclude with recommended scene procedures, takeaways from using spherical photography in actual casework, an assessment of spherical photography’s track record in court and a brief introduction to OSCR360.




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