Advantech WISE-4012 Wireless I/O ModuleIf you’ve ever had an application that called for Wireless I/O modules, you know that historically there have been several limitations to using one.
In fact, one manufacturer after another has attempted to provide a full-proof module that performed successful Analog and Digital Input/Output data collection but there always seemed to be snag with the firmware.
The good news?
Fortunately, Advantech seems to have solved an intricate puzzle with their new WISE Wireless I/O modules by developing firmware that enables successful wireless data collect via Analog and Digital signals.
Since “proof is always in the pudding,” several of my customers have tested the WISE modules to see if they actually worked.
Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with a 100% success rate for testing and implementation with varying applications.
Since we have a great solution on our hands, I thought it would be a perfect time to discuss:

Four Reasons Why Advantech Wireless Remote & Sensing I/O is a WISE Choice for your Application.


All eight available Advantech WISE 4000 series modules list for $150.00 ea. I don’t know how Advantech did it but that is really inexpensive for a Wireless I/O module. Especially when you take into account the quality of Advantech product, which is unmatched by anyone in the world.

badge-19I/O Combination Flexibility

The WISE IoT Wireless I/O modules integrate Analog and Digital input into the same channel, which provides a very flexible I/O combination that enables the user to acquire different signals.
Although the available I/O channels are minimal, the fact remains that you no longer need to mix and match modules to obtain the appropriate Analog/Digital I/O count.
Another great asset is the scaling functionality of each WISE module, which will enable you to output the engineering or physical value as sensor output, which makes your data easier to read for analysis.

all in oneEasy Deployment

Modules such as the WISE-4012 can now be utilized without a gateway to provide the information. This will make your deployment(s) easier and faster since the amount of I/O modules used to gather data from a third party sensor and connect to an existing network are limitless. You now directly interface your I/O and application, which removes the middle man, making the entire Data Acquisition process a lot smoother.

storageData Retention

The WISE modules also contain a Data Logger, which can time stamp data and send it to a drop box or cloud. The transmitted data is also buffered in the event of network outage so that it isn’t lost before reaching the administrator. We’ve all experience network failure on some level and the fact that there is buffering in place to protect application-critical data is a great plus.
Watch a [Video] below:

Wireless I/O Module | Advantech(EN)

Although this blog isn’t as flashy as some of the others I have written, I find great value in creating an awareness about the Advantech WISE modules. No one has figured this out until now and the fact that Advantech has is a great thing for all Data Acquisition users.
If you have any questions regarding the Advantech WISE modules or any other Advantech product for that matter, please feel free to contact me at 800-830-9523, ext. 126 or via email at