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We work with state and local law enforcement agencies in over 40 states to implement technology solutions using rugged laptops, mobile computers, barcode scanners and supporting equipment to read, track, and document citations and accident reports.

Mobile computing allows Officers to streamline their citation process, taking minutes instead of hours or days to complete.

Utilizing Public Safety Mobile Computing technology, Officers are able to:

  • Instantly capture data and images with the 4910LR Driver’s License Reader
  • Decrease the time spent curbside writing citations
  • Send reports and documents to the department or courts right from the patrol vehicle
  • Improve accuracy and legibility by eliminating handwritten citations
  • Stay communicated with all necessary stakeholders
  • & more

For more information on Public Safety Mobile Computing equipment, visit the links below or contact us at

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Thermal Printing

Mounting Equipment

Rugged Laptops, Tablets, & Handhelds

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