Borderlands QR Code

Video Game Hides Barcode Treasure with QR Codes

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Google has been known to hide some Easter eggs in their applications and websites from time to time (like their Google Images Atari Breakout). But they’re not alone – programmers and web developers love to hide special features in their code. The same holds true for video game developers. I recently decided to blow the… Read More


Zebra ZT400 Series Barcode Printers Hit the Streets

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The Zebra ZT400 Series thermal barcode label printers were announced in April and they started shipping in May, so this isn’t exactly breaking news, but I recently got around to taking a closer look at the changes from the existing Z Series printers and I’m liking what I see. The Z Series hasn’t been officially… Read More

Fishing the Trout & Salmon Runs via Barcode

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Over the last 10 years, the Fall salmon runs off of Lake Ontario have become a popular destination for many anglers. The number of anglers, along with the influx of business, makes the larger tributary towns the place to be from September through the end of October. Unfortunately, with increased fishing popularity, there are less… Read More

I/O Intensive Industrial Flat Panel Monitor

Need an I/O Intensive Industrial Flat Panel Monitor? You got it!

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Most industrial monitors, touch panel computers and panel PCs do include some mixture of I/O. In a lot of applications, the I/O required is more extensive than what most monitors can provide. A hardware solution I have found valuable to many customers over the years is a fully configured UNO Embedded Automation PC combined with… Read More

Caution iPad

Word on the Street: In-Vehicle Technology

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Attending conferences like LEIM (Law Enforcement Information Management) and ESLETS (Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety) each year we, at L-Tron Corporation, get the opportunity to speak with the Law Enforcement community and listen to feedback and concerns. While some like to get on the topic of near-future Law Enforcement technology (as do we), others stop… Read More

Tattoo Stencils with Brother PocketJet Printers

Tattoos & Thermal Printers – A New Approach to Tattoo Stencils

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Recently I was exposed to a pretty interesting application for some hardware that L-Tron offers. But first, I must give you a primer on one aspect of the tattoo community. As with many aspects, there are traditionalists and modernists; those who maintain the old methods and techniques of a given craft and those who are… Read More

4910 & TraCS

eCitation Barcode Scanner Interfaces, Part 2

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Welcome to part 2 of my blog series on eCitation hardware and software for patrol cars. As I mentioned in part 1, this series is particularly intended for those in law enforcement who make the decisions about which types of hardware and software to purchase for their operations. While part 1 discussed a USB Keyboard… Read More


The Golf Conundrum: Why Are You Not Using RFID?

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Wouldn’t this be cool? You’re standing at the golf tee, hit what looks like it’s a beauty of a shot, and then suddenly it shanks right into some mini forest that the groundskeeper decided needed to be on the side of the fairway because this par four wasn’t quite hard enough. Normally the ball would… Read More


Back to School with Mobile Tech Solutions

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Having just recently graduated from college (Go Tigers!), it’s a bit of a weird feeling for me not heading back to class this fall. But that doesn’t mean school isn’t on my mind – I’m just seeing school from a different perspective. Now, stepping into the data collection/automation industry, I see plenty of opportunities on… Read More

Industrial Computer

Five Things to Consider When Upgrading Your Industrial PC in a Pinch

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A lot of us have been there before. You have application critical software that must successfully operate 24/7 and the Industrial PC running it has just died. You troubleshoot the power supply, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Single Board Computer (SBC), Passive Backplane, Hard Drive and cabling to see where the failure has occurred. If you do… Read More