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Officer Roadside Safety: The Power of Automation & eCitation

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There is no doubt that law enforcement is a dangerous profession. Just within this past month, there were reports of two officers gunned down in Las Vegas, and prior to that, there were over fifty LODDs (line-of-duty-deaths) in the United States in 2014 alone.[1] While many of these LODDs involved gunfire, it is certainly noteworthy… Read More


A little muss, a little fuss: the Square Stand

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Another salesmen recently told me, “It is billed as ‘The Register You Deserve.’ I probably get calls for it at least five times a day. I have seen it at not only my local coffee shop, but also at the bakery that I buy my daughter her weekly good behavior cookie at. It’s sleek, it’s… Read More


eCitation Barcode Scanner Interfaces, Part 1

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I’m writing this two-part blog series specifically for those in the law enforcement community who decide which hardware and software to deploy in their patrol cars. If this is you, please read on. If you’ve been lucky enough to avoid this responsibility, you can still read on to learn how one small part of an… Read More


A Little Bit Closer to Star Trek: Why Evolving Matters

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When I was a child I grew up watching Star Trek: The Next Generation and was entertained every week by what I thought was a galaxy and the possibility that I would never see it in my lifetime. Really, warp drives? Traveling to new worlds and civilizations? Computers that can generate food? Surely something like… Read More

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Competing Standards and the Internet of Things (IoT)

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“The nice thing about standards is that there are so many of them to choose from.” -Andrew S. Tanenbaum (Computer Networks: 2nd Edition ©1988)   As a connoisseur of fine sarcastic wit, this specimen has long been a favorite of mine and it’s every bit as true today (probably more so) as it was over… Read More

Widescreen Industrial HMI

Widescreen Industrial HMI is More Than a New Fad

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New technology sure knows how to get people’s attention. Think of those long lines of shoppers camping out the night before the release of a new product and I think you’ll agree. Or the buzz all over social media during the weeks before a highly-anticipated new device is unveiled. Or the countless number of people… Read More

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On top of a mountain with a signature capture pad

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Back in the summer of 2005, a colleague of mine enlisted into the United States Army. When he enlisted, he had to sign 30+ different pages of his contract in pen. When he reenlisted in 2007, I joked with him about all of the signatures that he would have to hand-sign and how many sheets… Read More


Barcode Tattoos: Any Other Barcode Geeks Out There?

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Barcodes interest me, and not just because it is my business. As crazy as it sounds, I can add barcodes to my list of passions. My introduction to barcodes at age 8 was creative in its own way. My father used a pencil to draw a bunch of straight lines of various widths on a… Read More

LEIM 2014 Trevor

LEIM 2014: Law Enforcement Meets Technology

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This year I was fortunate enough to attend the 38th annual Law Enforcement Information Management (LEIM) Conference in Atlanta, GA, which was put on by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). Being that this was the first trade show I’ve ever been a vendor at, I certainly learned a lot! For instance, I… Read More

Industrial PCs

What can an Industrial PC do for you?

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So…you have a shiny, brand-new PC for you industrial application. It sure feels nice to finally replace your old PC, doesn’t it? But a few months, or even weeks, down the road you may start to notice that your brand-new PC is not actually “all that.” The thing is, not all PCs are the best… Read More