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5 Indications it’s Time to Upgrade Your Industrial PC Platform

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One of the toughest decisions any Industrial PC user has to make is when to update their Industrial PC Platform. You can’t just swap out your PC and any other legacy product and be up and running again in no time. There’s usually custom software that has been developed to not only interface with I/O… Read More


Officer Roadside Safety: Automation & eCitation

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There is no doubt that law enforcement is a dangerous profession. Just since the beginning of 2015, there have been 14 LODDs (line-of-duty-deaths) in the United States, and prior to that there were 121 LODDs in 2014.1 While many of these LODDs involved gunfire, it is certainly noteworthy to mention that over four dozen of… Read More

ATX Motherboard & Single Borad Computer

ATX Motherboard or SBC? That’s One Tough Call.

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I’ve configured and provided thousands of ATX Motherboard and Single Board custom-configured Industrial PCs over my 10 years in Industrial Automation. ATX Motherboards and Single Board Computers (SBC) provide two distinct solutions for Industrial Computer System users. With variables such as peripherals, I/O, ease of access and form factor to keep in mind, there is… Read More


Guide to Finding the Right Thermal Printer

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Hospitals, warehouses, retailers, HVAC jobs, and your average medium-sized business. What do they all have in common? One way or another, they all need to track assets of some sort. And when tracking assets is a priority, barcodes and thermal printers are often the go-to technology. But each application calls for a different kind of… Read More

Industrial PC

10 Things to Love about Industrial PCs

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Shopping for an Industrial PC shouldn’t be too hard, should it? Well, with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, here’s an analogy that sums it up. Think about how easy it is to run into the supermarket for your standard romantic card, box of chocolates, and bouquet of flowers. But will this simple purchase do the trick?… Read More


How To Track A Spider – With RFID, Of Course

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If there is one creature in the world I would want to know its 24-7 whereabouts, it would be a spider. I’m talking about spiders the size of a Gatorade top – furry black ones, with long legs that fall right in front of your face in the middle of a meeting on your 1st… Read More

mobile couponing

How Does a Mobile Customer Loyalty Program Work?

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“eMarketer forecasts that 55.0% of US internet users 18 and older will redeem digital coupons or codes via any device for online or offline shopping at least once in 2014.” – eMarketer May 2, 2014    I predict the expected number of users for 2015 is only going to rise. So how can retailers take advantage of… Read More

Industrial Widescreen HMI

Five Advantages of Industrial Widescreen HMI

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It all started with standard retail LCDs, but I still never saw this coming…..Industrial Widescreen HMIs. I guess I thought it would take a lot longer for industrial manufacturers to get on-board with newer technology due to the amount of time and money required to make the move. Apparently, those manufacturers have seen the value… Read More


Super Screens, Super Sensors: Super Bowl Technology at XLIX

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While we were sad to see our 2014 Fantasy Football season come to an end, the football fans here at L-Tron have turned our attention to Super Bowl XLIX this weekend! Whether you are cheering for the Seattle Seahawks, rooting on the New England Patriots, or just watching to see the commercials, it’s sure to… Read More


The 5 Big EN50155 Compliance Requirements for Railway Applications

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One of the most unique industrial automation applications that I have encountered is railway rolling stock. Harsh environmental variances and the fact that this is a moving application contribute to the complexity of this type of application. Without a doubt, the EN50155 standard is vital to all railway applications, since it addresses the application requirements… Read More