Software Piracy

ET Phone Home: The Changing Game of Digital Rights Management

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No matter how you feel about Digital Rights Management, the fact of the matter in this day and age is that protecting your software (and thus your investment) is sort of a “big deal.” It was estimated by the Business Software Alliance that in 2011 software piracy alone accounted for over $63.4 billion in lost… Read More

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Celebrating One Year of the 4910LR

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L-Tron’s exclusive 4910LR just turned one year old this month, and it’s been a great year! Year over year, unit sales have increased over 40% from its 4810LR predecessor and we’ve added new agencies in at least five states where we previously had none. The 4910LR is the third generation in L-Tron’s License Reader series… Read More


Why does the 4910LR have a 3310g sticker on it?

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If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard this question… Since we introduced our 4910LR Barcode Scanner  to the Law Enforcement community back in April of 2013, I’ve fielded the following question enough times where I feel it might be easier if I put my answer in writing. So here’s the burning question:… Read More


Link-OS Virtual Devices: Your legacy made easier

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There comes a time when it is necessary to start replacing legacy printers. It may be that time has passed them by, they’ve become outdated, broken down, or you are growing as a company. As much as it may be necessary, however, it stills remains a significant project with complex moving pieces and questions to… Read More

We Suite blog 2

The “WE” Suite: A Team Approach to Customer Service Excellence

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Your company has great values… Your company core values focus on exceptional service and delivery… Your company has great processes in place… You train & train & train some more…   Sounds like exceptional service and delivery should be pretty easy to implement, execute and deliver right? Speaking from experience, it’s not so easy!  … Read More

Scanning Barcodes to Save $$$

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Scanning barcodes isn’t always about accuracy since it’s a basic given that you’ll have accuracy when you choose to utilize this type of solution with your application. Anyone who has used barcode scanning technology knows that it is highly dependable and precise. So, if it’s not always about accuracy, what other factor looms largely in… Read More

4910 F&B

A Year Later, The 4910LR is Still on Top

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April marks the 1-year anniversary of our prized 4910LR License Reader. This device has done wonders for Law Enforcement Officials over the past year. Why’s that? When it comes to the specs, it’s unmatched by all scanners – the 4910LR is a game changer. We’ll spare you the lengthy data sheet and point out the… Read More


QR Codes Steal the Spotlight in Rio

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Arguably one of the most interesting phenomena that you will see at the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil won’t be the games. It can instead be found on the streets of Rio de Janeiro in-between attending matches. The pavement is known the world over for containing everything from geometric patterns to the image of… Read More

Personal computer assembling

What’s Cool about Dual-Core Technology? Multi-Core Technology Simplified!

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Have you ever tried to think about two things at exactly the same time? Try it. Try to think about the letter T while also thinking about the letter M at the same time. Despite what many people may say, you can’t actually do it. We as humans can’t think about two different things at… Read More


ISA is to PCI as PCI is to PCIe

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There’s a misconception going around that PCI slots don’t travel in the same circles as PCIe slots do. In some instances, this is true. But not when it comes to most industrial motherboards and single board computers. At the end of the day, it really comes down to two things; PICMG 1.0 and PICMG 1.3…. Read More