Super Screens, Super Sensors: Super Bowl Technology at XLIX

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While we were sad to see our 2014 Fantasy Football season come to an end, the football fans here at L-Tron have turned our attention to Super Bowl XLIX this weekend! Whether you are cheering for the Seattle Seahawks, rooting on the New England Patriots, or just watching to see the commercials, it’s sure to… Read More


The 5 Big EN50155 Compliance Requirements for Railway Applications

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One of the most unique industrial automation applications that I have encountered is railway rolling stock. Harsh environmental variances and the fact that this is a moving application contribute to the complexity of this type of application. Without a doubt, the EN50155 standard is vital to all railway applications, since it addresses the application requirements… Read More

baby rfid

RFID and Babies – The Technology can Track them too!

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It never ceases to amaze that there truly are endless applications for the data capture technologies that L-Tron specializes in. Most recently my amazement happened while walking through the maternity ward at a hospital (my wife and I were expecting a whole other source of amazement!). It appears that for some time now new parents’, and… Read More

Industrial SCADA System

The Value of a Fully Implemented Industrial SCADA System

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As times change and it becomes more important to monitor product manufacturing & assembly, test and control, and quality, implementing an Industrial SCADA system has become a great way to do so. There are a myriad of factors to consider when planning such a project: How many systems will be required? Is this a retrofit… Read More


Pocket Scanners: What Are They, Who Needs Them and Why?

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Recently, while talking about different projects I’m working on, I mentioned a project involving Bluetooth pocket scanners. A colleague asked me what I was talking about, so I figured if someone in our company isn’t familiar with the term, it’s probably a good blog topic. The product I’m currently working with is the CipherLab 1664…. Read More

Mobile POS Thumbnail

4 Things to Consider When Looking at a Mobile POS System

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So you have heard about Mobile Point of Sale (Mobile POS or mPOS). You have heard that it can do great things for your business and make your life easier. The next thought you may have is “Where do I start?” Well, there are four main topics you need to consider: (1) software, (2) hardware, (3)… Read More


The Lord of the Servers: The Three Questions

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It’s big, it’s there, and it’s probably cursed by every member of the IT department of your business: It’s your server. In my last post I covered the three main types of servers that you as a small business owner were likely to encounter. Today, I will be providing you with a quick reference to… Read More


The Lord of the Servers: The Fellowship of the Server

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It’s big, it’s there and it’s probably cursed by every member of the IT department of your business: it’s your server. It’s how your business operates, and every business uses one of some kind. Be they a small business using a personal computer or a tower server – to the midsized enterprise utilizing blade servers… Read More

Industrial Computer

10 Things to Know about Your Industrial Computer’s Capabilities

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There are a lot of instances where an Industrial Computer is purchased for one application but then is used for another. All is fine and good with doing so but one must know the PC’s capabilities before doing so. Not all software and application requirements are the same, so what works for one application might… Read More

Borderlands QR Code

Video Game Hides Barcode Treasure with QR Codes

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Google has been known to hide some Easter eggs in their applications and websites from time to time (like their Google Images Atari Breakout). But they’re not alone – programmers and web developers love to hide special features in their code. The same holds true for video game developers. I recently decided to blow the… Read More