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How to Select an Embedded Automation Computer: 8 Key Factors, Part 2

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Welcome back to Part 2 of my blog on Selecting an Advantech Embedded Automation Computer. As I explained in Part 1, it can be difficult to navigate the numerous choices available to customers, but there are 8 key factors to consider that will help narrow down the selection. Form factor, Processor (CPU) and Memory (RAM)… Read More

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What is L-Tron’s OEM Solution Process?

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OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) applications are oftentimes some of the most rewarding, yet challenging applications L-Tron provides. Here is a bit of background about OEM applications and the process we use when working with an OEM client.   What is an OEM application? An OEM application is generally defined as one where the products and services… Read More


Are You Meeting Traceability Compliance Requirements?

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Information flies all over the place. That’s a great thing, but can also create problems with the rapid speed that technology has enabled. As a result, many industries have been pushed to meet traceability requirements in their labeling. Benefits of Traceability Compliance Labeling Provides a valuable layer of protection—for everyone along the supply chain and… Read More

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Traceability Solutions 101: Which Industries Can Benefit?

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What industries can benefit from traceability solutions? With all the advances made in track and trace technology, I’m still surprised by the businesses that have yet to adopt a traceability solution. In this five-part series, I’m going to explore the compliance requirements that require traceability, and some of the more unique applications. This blog will… Read More

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How To Select an Embedded Automation Computer: 8 Key Factors, Part 1

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In most instances, when a customer is looking for an Advantech Embedded Automation Computer to utilize with their application, there are so many options available that it can be tough to decide which one is best. When this occurs, most end users will engage someone like myself to assist with selecting a hardware solution that… Read More

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Two Simple Power Saving Tips for Emergency Vehicles

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When we exhibited at a recent Traffic Safety conference, my colleague heard this story from a police officer that stopped by L-Tron’s booth. The officer’s department (like most) shares patrol cars between officers and shifts. He went to pick up his vehicle for patrol, only to find out the last officer using it had left all… Read More


Steps to Successfully Deploying an eCitation System

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This is the fifth part of our series on electronic ticketing (also known as electronic citations and eCitations). We’ve already covered a wide range of key topics, from the technology you need to choosing the right technology partner. Now, we’re looking at how to execute a successful deployment of your electronic ticketing solution. Assemble your… Read More


Electronic Citations: How to Choose Your Technology Partner

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If you’ve been following this series on electronic ticketing, you know that a total eCitation solution is essential to protecting officer safety, as well as increasing accuracy and decreasing the number of voided violations. You also have a good idea of the technology you’re going to need—both hardware and software. But purchasing the components is… Read More


eCitations 101 – What Technology Do You Really Need?

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You’ve determined that an eCitation solution is right for your law enforcement agency, but now how do you decide on the technology to make it work? We understand the limitations of available space in a patrol vehicle. We’ve examined and assessed just about every option out there to make your traffic violations process more efficient,… Read More


What is Electronic Ticketing and Why Do You Need it?

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Technology changes everything. Law enforcement is no exception. You now have more tech tools than ever to help you solve crimes and protect the people you serve. In recent years, electronic citations (aka “electronic ticketing”, “eCitations”, or “e-citations”) has changed the way officers issue traffic violations—for the better. What is electronic ticketing? Electronic citations simplify… Read More