No Child Should Ever Be Without Clean Water

Help provide clean water in Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Myanmar,

Sri Lanka, Laos, and Haiti.

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How World Concern Helps

World Concern targets the most vulnerable and poor communities. World Concern is selective on who they help. They choose to help people and villages in very remote areas and areas prone to drought. These include: Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Haiti. What’s even more unique is that World Concern does not stop with providing clean water. They continue to educate on santitation and hygiene best practices to help eliminate disease.


With you, we help deliver clean, safe drinking water to communities living without this life-saving resource. We dig and repair wells, and construct rainwater catchment systems and reservoirs to hold clean water. The water source depends on the specific needs of a community, and the availability of fresh water near the surface.


Because clean water and sanitation go hand in hand, your support will also enable us to install latrines. However, in some cultures, using a latrine is completely unknown. To ensure healthy habits are formed, we train community members who in turn train others about the importance of using latrines to avoid contaminating the water.


You’ll help teach people about the importance of hygiene for health. Hygiene trainers educate others about the importance of hand-washing to health. Through our programs, families are better protected from illness, including diarrheal disease, which kills 1.5 million children every year.


100 Million

The number of families who are stuck in a poverty and disease cycle because they don’t have access to clean, safe water.

3.7 Miles

The average distance that women in Africa and Asia walk to collect water. That equals 19,500 steps, every day, to access disease-filled water that is making them sick. It is typical for girls and women to spend up to 6 hours every day walking to gather water for their families.

Billion people globally lack access to clean water. 2.4 billion lack access to a clean toilet.


The number illnesses linked to poor water & sanitation conditions

Estimated diarrheal deaths each year due to contaminated water


Together, we can provide clean water for an entire village.  Everyone can access safe, clean water.  This is a critical first step in community transformation. Village support is continual.

Thanks to matching grants, your gift will double!

Donations will be going to build Village Wells in Kenya, Somalia, Chad, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos, and Haiti.

Each well costs $3,000.

Why World Concern?

Family Ties – OCTOBER 2017

Gayle & RAD DeRose’s son, Rob DeRose, traveled to Chad to provide clean water and education to villages.

Rob’s story is inspirational, emotional, shocking and informative. He went on a trip to Chad to provide clean water to a village & to teach children. The picture to the left was from Rob’s trip.
September 2018

Marketing Conference – Clean Water Speaker

We listened to a speaker at a recent marketing conference talk about his life mission to provide clean water to everyone in the world. It was another occurance that was inspirational, shocking, emotional and educational. It sparked us to started looking into data. The numbers surrouding the lack of clean water are alarming. We can all do something to fix this.

“This water is the best. It’s the cleanest water we have ever seen. No one gets sick the way they used to.”

– A Mother, Amkharouba Village in Chad

“I feel sweet when I drink this water!"

Faruk, Chad (Child, 8 years old)

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No Child Should Ever Be Without Clean Water

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