Rechargeable industrial-grade keyboard perseveres through tough environmental conditions, allowing factory and manufacturing projects to continue without interruption.
Industrial Keyboard Overcomes Harsh Surroundings
L-Tron Corporation, in conjunction with premier partner iKey®, presents the innovative SBW-97-TP-Black™, a wireless, rechargeable, re-pairable keyboard designed for use in industrial applications.  L-Tron works hand-in-hand with iKey to deliver rugged computer peripherals, including keyboards, pointing devices and displays that execute top performance within harsh environments.
The pressure-washable silicone keys and ABS polycarbonate case of the SBW-97-TP-Black keyboard are ideal for industrial applications, including factory and manufacturing settings that expose the keyboard to dust, dirt, water, extreme temperatures and other inhospitable conditions.  iKey’s QuickPair™ technology uniquely allows users to wirelessly pair the keyboard to a USB dongle without interacting with a host, while its rechargeable lithium ion battery lasts for more than two weeks on a single charge.
The debut of the SBW-97-TP-Black™ follows the recent release of iKey’s SBW-97-TP™, the first rechargeable wireless keyboard designed for infection control in medical environments, including patient rooms, nursing stations and operating rooms.  The 97-TP protects both patients and caregivers by keeping keyboards clean from infectious bacteria and viruses and preventing cross contamination.
Each version of the SBW is durable, user-friendly and flexible, with multiple uses throughout its intended environment.  Both keyboards feature a CleanLock™ key to easily disable the device during cleaning procedures.  Furthermore, the elimination of cables and wires preserves valuable space, improves mobility, and prevents complications associated with difficult routing.
L-Tron works with industrial businesses and organizations to supply them with the perfect combination of iKey keyboards and peripherals, industrial computers, printers, and software, all at an attractive price point.  For a complete industrial solution, L-Tron services ( also include project management, equipment assessment, and custom equipment and configurations