Popularity of Tablet Computers
Have you noticed how popular tablet computers are these days?  It seems that tablets are not only in the home and education environments, but also in the business and government settings.  The use of tablet PCs for paperwork is becomming more prevalent, as well.  Here are some of the factors that are driving this increase in usage:

  • There is no need for a physical keypad, allowing workers to input data easily while holding a tablet in one hand versus having to set down a mobile unit to key in data.
  • The growth of Smartphone technology means that users are more accustomed to touch-screen technology to use applications and enter data.
  • More business applications are being written on the Android and Apple operation systems.
  • Rugged tablets with resistance to water, dust, vibration and shock are becoming available for field workers who are subject to outside conditions.
  • Greater screen size allows more information to be displayed on a screen and easier reading for aging eyesight.

So, will a tablet fit my needs or not?
The bottom line is that savings you may generate from the automation of paper-based work processes is the key determination if tablet might be a fit.  Consider the possible savings within the following areas of your business:
iStock_000016610956XSmall - Tablet

  • Automation of paper processes will reinforce proper workflows, resulting in fewer errors and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Use of pull-down menus in some input fields reduces errors due to illegibility or misspellings.
  • Entry of work orders online results in less delay between work and billing.
  • Using tablet PCs for paperwork decreases the cost of inputting data, filing, finding, processing and copying.
  • Cost of paper, printing, copying and file storage space decreases.

Whether or not a tablet is the right business solution for you, it is likely that an automated system will serve you better and save you time and money.  We would be happy to provide you with a complimentary Return-On-Investment (ROI) consultation if you are interested in learning more about automating your paperwork processes.