Have you ever tried to think about two things at exactly the same time? Try it. Try to think about the letter T while also thinking about the letter M at the same time. Despite what many people may say, you can’t actually do it. We as humans can’t think about two different things at exactly the same time…But with the advent of multi-core technology, such as dual-core, computers can!
Once upon a time, when Bill Gates was just eating apples instead of trying to squish them, computers were like humans in that they could only think of one thing at any given moment. It was up to the operating system to control what the processor was thinking about at any point. Over time, however, engineers have enabled computers with the advent of multi-core processors!
Multi-core processors, through the directions given by the operating system, can actually think about more than one thing at a time. Imagine having two brains inside your head and being able to tell one to think about Lunch, and the other to think about Dinner. Other than being very hungry, you would be able to put together some pretty awesome meal plans! While dual-core processors have two cores, or brains in human terms, they still frequently sit within one microchip, or skull. So outside of having two brains, everything else is very similar.

student multi tasking
Dual-Core and Multi-Core processors allow computers to do two things at once

The advantages of dual-core technology are that a processor can work even faster and more efficiently, just as a college student would if they could be thinking about homework problems from two different classes at the same time. In our effort to provide superior products, many of our offerings at L-Tron offer dual-core technology and frequently they are a superior choice for applications because of the faster processing and response time.
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