The last time you were in the airport, you probably took advantage of the flight status monitors to check whether your flight was on time and whether you were at the right gate.  Through these monitors, real time information is displayed and used to keep the flow of passengers going to the right locations and at the right time.  If you work in a warehouse or distribution center working to ensure that the right product gets delivered to the right location at the right time, using a digital signage solution (like the airport monitors) can help deliver this information in real time.
A digital signage solution is a network of customizable digital displays that can be controlled electronically using a computer.  The content can be changed remotely, which allows for the most efficient, effective, and targeted messaging possible.  The ability to make changes remotely also allows for the delivery of timely, targeted messages that inform, educate and motivate your warehousing team.  Data can also be automatically generated from multiple sources and application databases.
In the distribution center, a digital signage solution will allow you to display the status of all orders being worked on, the dock door status, or the yard status.  Your team can instantly view the latest status, allowing problem areas to be promptly addressed.  Having all members of the team view the status can also provide additional motivation towards a common goal.
A display of trailers in the yard can be used as a simple and inexpensive method of yard management.  Real time information in the yard will reduce penalties from carriers for drivers that have not been loaded on time.
sign solution
A digital signage solution involves many components, including dynamic content, multiple sources of information, and sometimes user-interactivity.  Various departments (IT, warehousing, HR, etc.) within your company’s organization may want to have input on the information that will be displayed and how.  A detailed solution, created by experienced professionals, addressing company input as well as the necessary components is highly recommended.  L-Tron Corporation has experience with both digital signage and creating company-specific solutions.  Please give us a call (800-830-9523) right away to discuss how we can create a warehousing digital signage solution for you and your team.