I’ve been fishing for fun since I was a young boy, and fishing seriously for over 20 years now. A lot has changed since I first started. As a kid, all I thought about was catching fish. But now I understand that fishing is more than just catching fish. As we get older, I think we all recognize that. It’s about getting away from everything, the pre-planning, anticipation, the possible trophy catch, the people and the overall experience. So, how exactly do barcodes catch steelhead?! I must admit, they don’t actually catch the fish – but they do allow some anglers to have a better fishing experience than others.
I first saw this idea implemented last week when I was up on a private piece of fishing land just north of me in Western New York. All season pass holders had a laminated pass tethered to them, which included a data matrix barcode for identification purposes. These passes enable stream staff and river walkers to quickly identify season pass holders via a 2D barcode scanner as they arrive on site and fish different areas of the river throughout the day.
steelhead (2)So why is this so important? Well, it’s all about timing with fishing. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The early bird gets the first worm.” This could not be more true for a fisherman. The first to the best holes usually have the best success. At this particular fishing site, daily pass holders must park, get out of their vehicles and wait in lengthy lines for their passes, while the season pass holders have already been scanned in with ease and are making their way down to their favorite (and most successful) spots.
I have always enjoyed the experiences I’ve had fishing the lakes, streams and rivers of this area. If my day can be enhanced by the use of a 2D data matrix barcode, I’m all for it! Interested in reading about other interesting and unusual ways to use barcodes? Check some of these articles out!
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