Announcing the availability of the Hyperion 1300g linear imaging scanner for scan-intensive and light industrial applications, as well as the Voyager 1200g single-line laser scanner for small to medium businesses and retail applications.
Two Linear Scanners: Different Functions, Superior Results
L-Tron Corporation, in cooperation with Honeywell International, announces the availability of two high-performance linear scanning devices, both designed with productivity, durability and efficiency in mind.  The Hyperion 1300g linear-imaging scanner provides exceptional performance in scan-intensive or light industrial applications, while the Voyager 1200g single-line laser scanner is ideal for retail check-out counters, as well as small to medium businesses.  Ergonomically designed for operator ease, both scanners are equipped with fast and reliable scanning technology, while offering impact resistance combined with high durability.
Beneficial for applications including light industrial, inventory and office scanning, the general duty hand-held Hyperion 1300g quickly and intuitively reads bar codes from as far away as 18 inches.  While considered in the general duty category, the Hyperion is more versatile and aggressive than others in its class as it can also read high density bar codes, eliminating the need to purchase additional specialty scanners. Thoughts of service costs and down time need not worry owners of the 1300g, as this resilient scanner does not have any moving parts to be broken.  Also noteworthy is the Hyperion’s automatic interface detection, which prevents users from the time consuming process of scanning programming bar codes.
While utilized for different applications than the Hyperion 1300g, theVoyager 1200g also maximizes up time with few moving parts and an IP42 rating for reliability.  This bar code reader performs well in retail and other point-of-sale (POS) applications, contributing to higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction. The 1200g minimizes human error associated with manual data entry and improves throughput, resulting in shorter wait times for each customer during the check-out process.  Able to read both poor quality and damaged bar codes, the Voyager may be handheld or used in stand mode and offers superior object detection.