Designed for patrol car use at traffic stops, accident scenes and incident scenes, L-Tron’s 4910LR scanner captures barcodes, images and signatures from driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations.
The 4910LR: Intuitive License Scanning for the Modern Patrol Car 
L-Tron Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative 4910LR-151-LTRK Microphone-Style Driver’s License Area Imaging Scanner. Powered by Honeywell Scanning and Mobility’s Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0, the 4910 License Reader delivers superior bar code scanning, digital image, and intelligent signature capture within a durable and portable form factor. Compatible with law enforcement, Department of Transportation, and security agency applications, the aggressive bar code reader reduces the burden of administrative tasks, lowers operating costs, and virtually eliminates manual errors.
Purpose-built for patrol cars, the 4910LR works hand-in-hand with TraCS software and other preferred law enforcement software packages. The 4910LR captures data from driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and laptop or mobile phone screens, including bar codes, images, and signatures. TraCS and other software programs then manage the data collected by the 4910LR at traffic stops, accident scenes and incident scenes. The automation of traffic citation and accident/incident reporting processes allows patrol officers to spend less time on manual paperwork and more time improving public safety, all while providing departments with secure data to analyze and act upon. Furthermore, in contrast to hand-written forms, e-citations have a track record for reducing the occurrence of reduced and dismissed violations.
According to RAD DeRose, L-Tron’s President and CEO, the 4910LR has been in development for about 10 months and incorporates several new features that were not available with L-Tron’s previous 4810LR model.
“The EasyDL and EasyParse optional plug-ins make using driver’s license and car registration data a breeze in any application, without the need for application software to parse the data,” says DeRose. DeRose also reported that the size, feel, and performance were among the significant improvements, along with the trigger mechanism, which was changed to a more durable design to work in all types of weather conditions.
Purpose-built for the patrol car environment, the rugged scanner is ergonomically designed with a compact size and easy-to-use spring-mounted microphone style. The intuitive 4910LR provides superior handling in both hand held and fixed mount positions, while storing safely and securely after use. A green LED aimer provides laser-free, yet accurate scanning.
Jason Culliton of L-Tron explains that the 4910LR incorporates many features that are in high demand with today’s law enforcement agencies.
“The 4910 kit includes a coiled USB interface cable instead of a straight cable, which is preferred by agencies for vehicle use as a matter of both safety and convenience,” says Culliton. “The radio mic form factor is also preferred by most agencies over traditional pistol-grip handled barcode scanners.”
Law enforcement agencies in 25 U.S. states and Canadian provinces have used L-Tron’s previous model license reader, the 4810LR, for e-ticketing and accident reporting applications. In addition to the L-Tron’s Driver’s License Scanners, the company specializes in providing a wide selection of patrol vehicle equipment, including thermal printers; mounting equipment and console systems; rugged laptops, tablets and mobile computers; sealed keyboards and other accessories.
The 4910LR is scheduled to begin shipping on April 1, 2013. L-Tron will exhibit at several law trade shows over the next several months, including The Governor’s Highway Traffic Safety Conference in Iowa and The Empire State Law Enforcement Traffic Safety Conference in New York. The 4910LR will be available for demos at these conferences.  For additional information, please click here.