situational awareness

Distracted Driving in the Patrol Car

Thinking. The best protection for most distracted motorists on the road – Police Officers   If you’re a street cop you observe approaching vehicles, plates, stickers, drivers, passengers, and unique characteristics. Not much to absorb in a glance, right? Patrol is full of distractions and distracted police driving is real. Since you can’t really patrol …

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Scan a Driver's License above the steering wheel to increase awareness of your surroundings

Muscle Memory & Process-Oriented Culture

Open eyes. Shut off alarm clock. Drink coffee. Get dressed. Brush teeth. Leave for work. Whether on patrol or in the lab, we all have a routine similar to this one. While each of our routines may vary slightly (get kids ready for school, read paper, watch news, etc.), there are commonalities, themes, and outcomes …

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