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Funding-4Finding money to fund projects is often a challenge. Public safety funding comes from two primary sources: the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice. Although additional funding for various elements of public safety may come from other agencies, these two sources provide the bulk of funding to police departments across the country through grant programs.

L-Tron can help you through the process of finding grant funding! Our resources will point you in the right direction and will even include help writing the grant to get you to the top of the pile.

Never applied for a grant before? Check out PoliceGrantsHelp’s 7-step guide to grant writing.

Additional Grant Resources: – Law, Justice, & Legal Services – Getac Mobile Computers & Tablets Grants – General Grant Search

Bureau of Justice Assistance Grant Opportunities

National Institute of Justice – Current Funding Opportunities

COPS US DOJ – Current Funding Opportunities


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