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Equipment Check in – Check out

Reduce expenses due to lost, damaged or stolen equipment with a check-in/check-out solution. Implementing an automated system allows controlled access to equipment, manuals, files or other company assets that are routinely taken out on loan.

The task can be easily automated when items and employees are identified with a barcode. They are then scanned using a hand-held barcode scanner or mobile computer to process items when they are removed, and recorded when they are returned.

A tracking tool provides real-time information on what, when and who removed items from inventory, and enforces:

  • Employee accountability
  • Controlled access to inventory/tools
  • Better care of equipment
  • Time limits on returns
  • Data entry accuracy
  • Cutting expenses

The software records information such as employee name, item, date and time.  This allows quick access to data when items are past due or damaged.  Deploying an automated system to manage item loans improves profitability and creates an efficient warehouse for your organization.