Make phone calls, check inventory, view GPS, scan barcodes, and access the internet – with just one pocket-sized device!
Scanphone Combines Excellence of Smartphones, Mobile PCs and Barcode Scanners in One Reliable Device

L-Tron Corporation presents an innovative device that combines the convenience and portability of a mobile smartphone with the reliability and connectivity of an industrial mobile computer, as well as the speed and accuracy of a barcode scanner.  The multi-purpose Dolphin® 6000 Scanphone, by Honeywell International, is geared toward field service, field sales, retail operations and logistics applications, eliminating the need for multiple devices. The Scanphone has the capability to function as a smartphone, VoIP phone, two-way radio, laptop or tablet computer, GPS navigation system and barcode scanner, providing the utmost dependability for mobile workers.
Lynn Johnson, Marketing Director at L-Tron, emphasizes the importance of utilizing an all-in-one device.  “More and more clients are expressing the positive effects of employing just one industrial level device to handle multiple applications within their businesses.  The convenience of using a multifunctional device, paired with the added savings of time and resources can really make a difference in today’s marketplace.”
Featuring real-time access to business data, the Scanphone runs on Microsoft® Windows® Mobile 6.5 Professional operating system and easily integrates with other enterprise applications, while wireless technology options include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS.  Data collection becomes automated with swift, accurate 1D barcode scanning, while a color camera, color display, and long battery life contribute to the intelligible features of the Dolphin 6000.  Equipped with Honeywell’s Remote MasterMind® for Mobility device management software, all Dolphin 6000 devices within a network are expediently able to be managed, updated, and remotely diagnosed from one centralized location, as well.
Users appreciate the compact, lightweight design of the Dolphin 6000, which easily withstands drops, despite the fact that is only pocket-sized.  An IP-54 rating ensures resistance to dust, particles, and moisture, while Honeywell guarantees a high return on investment with a 3 year life cycle and 5 years of continued support.
While the Dolphin 6000 Scanphone is an ideal choice for inventory tracking and receiving applications, L-Tron ( maintains partnerships with the leading hardware manufacturers to provide the best products on the market for any type of business or government application.  L-Tron’s specialized offerings include superior hardware and software, as well as total solution packages that provide a combination of equipment, software, customization, training and/or installation support.