Swift and accurate scanning is made easy with Motorola’s 1D Linear Imager.
Scan & Save from Far & Near: This 1D Linear Imager Fits the Bill
L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of the LI2208 Corded Linear Imager from Motorola Solutions.  The LI2208 excels at 1D scanning tasks in a variety of application environments.
The LI2208 offers users impressive scanning speeds on all types of 1D barcodes, including high density barcodes, with no need to pause between scans.  The Imager performs consistently during hands-free and handheld operation, reading barcodes within a range of 1-inch to 30-inches away.  Built durably with Motorola’s patented single circuit board construction, the LI2208 survives drops and withstands the rigors of everyday use, minimizing downtime considerably. Motorola provides a standard 5-year warranty, as well.
Suitable for numerous data capture requirements including retail checkout, event registration, hotel check-in, shipping/receiving, and light industrial manufacturing, the LI2208 provides the same reliability and ergonomics as Motorola’s popular LS2208 Laser Scanner, but with enhanced features for capturing additional types of barcodes, including both traditional paper labels and electronic bar codes found on mobile phone displays, tablets, and computer screens.
Jason Culliton of L-Tron Corporation, says, “Motorola’s trend toward linear imagers is advantageous for retail and hospitality applications that require the ability to scan mobile coupons and loyalty card smartphone apps.  The LI2208 offers low cost, high-performance scanning that embraces the demands of today’s smartphone-equipped society.”