Whether you operate a medical facility, financial institution, tax preparation firm, retail store or if you’re a field sales or service provider, improving customer satisfaction is a top priority. When signature capture technology is integrated into company processes, error rates decrease. In addition, the return-on-investment (ROI) related to labor and cost savings of printing, filing and physical archiving are quickly achieved. For field workers, a signature capture tool increases efficiencies and allows time for additional sales opportunities.

Here are a few compelling reasons to adopt electronic signature capture technology:

  1. Automate processes end-to-end, including fraud detection, customer pick-up, and (in healthcare) consultation acceptance or denial.
  2. Increase the amount of space in your warehouse with the elimination of paper documents.
  3. Reduce overall costs by automating check-in, consent, and charting workflow processes.
  4. Minimize time spent searching for documents.
  5. Allow real-time productivity through instant access to legal, robust signed documents, contracts, and receipts.
  6. Speed up business processes and improve productivity, as well as return on investment (ROI).
  7. Increase the security of signed documents.
  8. Prevent tampering or copying of sensitive customer or patient information.
  9. Provide proof of services performed (repairs, delivery, etc.). Electronic Signature Authentication can be upheld in federal, state, and local courts with backing from forensic document examiners.
  10. Improve the overall customer experience with efficiency and accuracy.

With electronic signature capture, time typically spent processing paperwork can be applied to increasing worker productivity and income-generating functions; offering increased efficiencies in your business and happier, more loyal customers.

If you’re looking at new ways to lower costs by adding data and signature capture technology to decrease labor costs and data entry errors, L-Tron can work with you to determine your technology needs. Give us a shout to find out how we can help your company use Electronic Signature Authentication technology at (800) 830-9523 or e-mail info@L-Tron.com.