RW 420 mobile printer is specifically designed to meet the distinctive printing needs of the modern day Road Warrior.

Resilient Mobile Printers Withstand the Elements

L-Tron Corporation has united with Zebra Technologies to present the RW 420 mobile printer, specifically designed to meet the distinctive printing needs of a modern day Road Warrior. Notable for its IP54 certification, the RW 420 endures extreme temperatures and weather conditions. “Bounce it in the truck, carry it in the rain, drop it to the pavement, and expect the same performance day in and day out,” Zebra Technologies asserts.
Featuring a fast processor and large memory, the RW 420 allows for effortless printing of complex labels, symbols and graphics. The RW 420 is ideal for industry printing requirements such as invoices, delivery receipts, service estimates, sales orders, inventory management and mobile point-of-sale. L-Tron Corporation is able to accommodate the individualized needs of a business by offering a wide variety of options and accessories for the RW 420, including wireless options, card readers and vehicle mounts.

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