103rd International Association for Identification

103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Conference Wrap Up

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Travel a 20-year detour in public service, stick to your standards, add some professional doubt, and you just might surpass your career goals after all. That’s what L-Tron Corporation’s Andrew McNeill did last month at the 103rd International Association for Identification (IAI) Educational Conference.   The retired Monroe County Sheriff’s Deputy and certified IAI Senior Crime… Read More

pulled over

Roadside Safety: What should I do if I get pulled over?

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  What should I do if I get pulled over? How you can make it easier on yourself, and Law Enforcement?   You’re cruising along the highway, humming along to your favorite song, and thinking about your weekend plans. No, this isn’t the start of a sweet country song – next thing you know you spot… Read More

Spherical Images

It’s All About Perspective, Part 2 – Spherical Images

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  Spherical 360-degree photography is revolutionizing crime scene evidence capture and courtroom presentation. In addition to capturing the crime scene with minimal disturbance and catering to today’s demands for hi-tech courtrooms, as discussed in “It’s all about Perspective Part One: Courtroom Perspective,” 360-degree spherical images have several outstanding applications.   A Virtual Reality Tool Spherical photography… Read More

Courtroom Perspective

It’s All About Perspective Part 1 – Courtroom Perspective

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Perspective /pər’ spektiv/ n. a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view. It’s All About Courtroom Perspective In the courtroom, it is the attorney’s job to influence the attitudes of the jury, and deliver a conviction by presenting solid evidence. Traditionally, courtroom perspective has been influenced by verbal testimony, still… Read More

Policeman's Ball 2018

Backing the Blue…Both In and Out of the Office

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We’ve been doing business with law enforcement for 17+ years, and our relationship with law enforcement started out as just that – business. But times change. As we got to know some of our law enforcement clients and really took the time to listen, our relationship with many municipalities began to change. We’ve developed close… Read More

OSCR360 FAQs: Part 2

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OSCR360 is growing rapidly in popularity and we’ve been fielding lots of questions from its users and prospective customers. We decided to compile a list of FAQs with answers for easy reference. Part 1 of the FAQs can be read here – and you can keep on reading for Part 2. How did OSCR360 get… Read More

thin blue line

What Police Week Means to Me

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  Void. It’s the word I think of during National Police Week. Emptiness. In time, in space, in places personal to each one of us. It’s the pain in our hearts, the anger in our minds, the wrenching in our guts. It’s a vacuum in cop’s kids’ futures. It is the children who will never… Read More

situational awareness

Distracted Driving in the Patrol Car

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Thinking. The best protection for most distracted motorists on the road – Police Officers   If you’re a street cop you observe approaching vehicles, plates, stickers, drivers, passengers, and unique characteristics. Not much to absorb in a glance, right? Patrol is full of distractions and distracted police driving is real. Since you can’t really patrol… Read More

OSCR360 Desktop Software for Crime and Crash Example

OSCR360 FAQs: Part 1

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Now that OSCR360 has been around for a few months – and getting lots of use by dozens of municipalities in New York State – we’ve had a chance to get some user feedback. After all, we pride ourselves in developing solutions and equipment that directly reflect what our customers want!   While chatting with… Read More

Distracted Driver

I am a Distracted Driver – How can you limit distractions behind the wheel?

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I am a distracted driver.   Do I text and drive? Absolutely not. But being a distracted driver is so much more than just that. I WILL answer a call on my phone while I’m driving and switch my phone over to Bluetooth. I WILL drive with my dog in the front seat (who can… Read More