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Instant $25 Credit on any DL Reader* Trade-In


It's time to upgrade!


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Surefire G2X LE

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Upgrade to the 4910LR DL Reader

Send us a video, we send you a Surefire G2X LE!

Take out your cell phone and record a 30 second to 1 minute video. Tell us why you love the 4910LR or how you use it. Funny videos are welcome too!

Email your video to:

*In your email, please include your name and phone number. We will contact you directly for your address.

We review and approve your video.

We send you a Surefire G2X LE!

Surefire G2X flashlight for law enforcement

How does this work?

Purpose built, from your input, for eCitation, crash and incident reporting.  The 4910LR DL Reader gets you off the curb quickly, back on patrol, keeping our communities safe.

Out with the old, in with the purpose built 4910LR.  Instant $25 credit for any DL reader trade in.  

If it reads a driver's license - we take it.
This is a limited time offer.

Stop using a librarian's scanner and magstripe readers - add your old DL readers to our scanner graveyard!


Learn More: Click to below to watch a Video from an Officer's Perspective

Word on the Street

"This [4910LR] scanner is F***ing awesome!"

- Officer, NY

"I went from writing 10 citations a week to 30 with my new [4910LR] DL reader."

- Officer K, SC

“I think an electronic citation –when  you use a scanner, as opposed to  paper– does promote safety because [officers] don’t have to concentrate on reading the  information off of a driver’s license and putting it on a piece of paper…” 

 - Lt. Barry H

"The biggest value for me is time savings. If I need to get a crash report in the system, I can quickly scan four driver's licenses instead of manually typing all of their information. I save at least 2-3 minutes per license by scanning."

                                       - Captain Steve, CA

Thousands of our 4910LR DL Readers have been deployed in 46 states nationwide.
Click to view who we work with. The 4910LR is the most popular DL Reader in the country.

Get the 4910LR in your hands.

Trade-in rebate is applied at time of shipping. Serial number and model number of unit(s) to be returned must be sent prior to or with promotion-priced order. Trade-in hardware must be returned to L-Tron within 30 days of receipt of 4910LR order.

*This trade-in offer is for DL readers only.

*This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional pricing, special offers or quantity discounts.

*This offer applies to single-piece, end user, & contract pricing.

*This offer is void where prohibited by law.

Promotion Rules



Videos must meet qualifications specified.  Videos are subject to approval by L-Tron Corporation. L-Tron reserves the right to disqualify a video at any time. By submitting the video, you grant L-Tron Corporation the absolute and irrevocable right and unrestricted permission in respect of video or still imagery of yourself or in which you are included with others, to use, and publish the same for advertising on,, and Google. You release and discharge L-Tron Corporation from any and all claims and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of the images/videos including without limitation of any and all claims for libel or violation of any right of public privacy.  By submitting a video, you are confirming that you are of age  and fully understand the contents and rules of this promotion.

*This offer cannot be combined with any other promotional pricing, special offers or quantity discounts.

*This offer is void where prohibited by law.