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Transducers & Sensors

Every manufacturing operation needs to have reliable sensors and control systems in place to test their products and ensure the quality of their work.  L-Tron’s innovative sensor products and data acquisition solutions combine connectivity, flexibility, and ruggedness with PC- based technology, including smart sensors, wireless LAN and device to device connections, and PC-based Programmable Automation Controllers.

L-Tron’s Transducer/Sensor Solutions and Vendors Include:
  • Cable-extension transducers by Celesco
  • Power measurement systems and solutions by Ohio Semitronics
  • Pressure transducers & transmitters by Validyne Engineering

L-Tron expertly assists companies in solving the technical challenges of product and subassembly testing, measurement and control in their operations.  We will provide you with the best options for building dimensional, electronic PCB and inline testing systems for your specific manufacturing needs.  Additionally, L-Tron will skillfully help select the sensors, the data acquisitions system, and the AIDC system necessary to track the product through your process.  Please call us today to learn more.