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Cordless Scanners

L-Tron is the leading provider of cordless barcode scanners designed for retail, healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and distribution. Featuring Bluetooth® Wireless and cordless technology, these scanners eliminate the need for cables that limit operator movement and create safety concerns in the workplace. These scanners can transmit data to the host through its base station as well as to any commercial or embedded Bluetooth® v2.0 compliant device.

L-Tron supplies a line of cordless general purpose 1D/2D barcode scanners that excel in retail, healthcare and light industrial environments. Standard range and high density scanning are available on most models, which meet the performance requirements in the majority of bar code reading conditions.  Above all, these scanners boost enterprise productivity and profitability.

L-Tron additionally provides world-class cordless and rugged 1D/2D industrial scanners that are built to withstand heavy use and harsh conditions. They are optimized to capture very small, high density 2D bar codes and deliver the widest working range. These laser scanners and imagers withstand multiple drops onto concrete and have IP-65-rated sealing to protect against the harshest of elements.

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