Industrial PCs

L-Tron’s rack mount and wall mount/desktop Industrial PC solutions can be configured to adhere to custom end user specifications in test and measurement, vision and manufacturing.

Rack mount systems range from 1U to 7U and enable the user to choose between multiple configurations depending on the processor speed (Intel® P4, Core 2 Duo, Quad Core and Core™ i7/i5/i3) and I/O required.  Rack mount PCs can be configured with an ATX motherboard, which is most cost-effective, or a passive backplane and single board computer if additional I/O or legacy ISA/PCI slots are required.

Wall mount/desktop solutions have become popular in mission critical applications with small space requirements. These PCs allow for I/O expansion and are flexible enough to allow for high processing speeds. Although the amount of I/O is limited with this form factor, many users look to this line to address their requirements for high, ruggedized performance in a small footprint.

If your enterprise requires a custom configuration, please contact us today. L-Tron will work to provide a quality Industrial PC solution with great support, while still bringing you in at or under budget.