HMI & Panel PC

L-Tron supplies a variety of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions intended to interface hardware with software, while providing the user with an easy and efficient way to interact with a machine and achieve the desired result.  The use of flat panel monitors, touch panel computers, industrial panel PCs and industrial operator panels play a large role in accomplishing these daily tasks.

L-Tron’s HMI and Panel PC Solutions:

The flat panel monitor line supplied by L-Tron is designed for factory floor environments and can withstand the higher temperatures, vibration, dirt and dust.  Superb NEMA and IP ratings enable this line to be installed in wet and dusty areas.

Our touch panel computers provide users with an ultra-slim, light-weight, fanless and vibration-resistant product.  These computers can be configured with Microsoft® Windows XP/CE and Windows XP Embedded, a 2.5” hard drive or compact flash for storage and a CPU ranging from an XScale PXA270 to Core 2 Duo in processing speed.

Industrial panel PCs range from Pentium® M/Celeron® M to Core ™2 Quad / Core ™2 Duo in processing speed. Their stainless steel chassis, heavy-duty aluminum front panel and rugged design allow them to withstand any industrial environment while their form factor allows for I/O expansion.

L-Tron’s industrial operator panels support ARM9-based CPUs with 70~200MHz and 4-16MB flash memory.  Our panels have been designed to accommodate different applications involving the use of PLCs, motion/thermal controllers, inverters and sensors and include PM Designer 2.0, which offers outstanding performance with conventional operator panels, HMI + Low mini SCADA systems and HMI + communication.

We have a wide variety of quality options available and all of our options are available in a wide variety of sizes.  Please contact us today to find out how L-Tron can provide superior Human Interface (HMI) and Panel PC solutions for your application.