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Linear Barcode Scanners

L-Tron is the leading provider of linear barcode scanners. These scanners use Laser, Linear Imager and/or CCD technology. Linear barcode scanners and readers are utilized in a wide variety of applications, including retail, asset tracking, shipping, receiving, manufacturing, healthcare and logistics.

General purpose scanners are commonly used in libraries and offices, as well as for point of sale (POS) and light inventory applications.

Industrial scanners are able to accomodate any barcode by size, color and scanning distance and are used on manufacturing lines, in warehouses and in transportation terminals.

In addition to general purpose scanners and industrial scanners, L-Tron provides standard rangespecial focus and high density barcode scanners to accomodate customer needs.  Further options include extended range, wireless scanning and Bluetooth®.

Once you have selected which type of scanner and options are best suited for your needs, it is important to consider which type of connection you will use.  Our customers generally connect barcode scanners to their computers or terminals by using Keyboard Wedge, USB Keyboard Emulation and RS-232 Serial interfaces.  An L-Tron team member will gladly assist you in deciding the best connection for your application.

L-Tron’s knowledgeable experts are available to discuss your scanning needs and help you find the ideal solution for your business.  Please contact us today!