OSCR360 is growing rapidly in popularity and we’ve been fielding lots of questions from its users and prospective customers.
We decided to compile a list of FAQs with answers for easy reference.
Part 1 of the FAQs can be read here – and you can keep on reading for OSCR360 FAQs Part 2.

How did OSCR360 get its name?

Our Director of Platform Development is a dog-lover. In fact, he has 3 dogs himself – one of which has lovingly become the L-Tron mascot. Oscar is an adorable 10-lb Maltese-Yorkie mix. We took the ‘a’ out of his name, added 360 for the 360° photos and hence, the ‘OSCR360’ name was born.

Why is OSCR360 valuable?

The list is growing quickly, but to simplify this question, here are 4 of the most common reasons that police agencies and prosecutors are loving OSCR.

  1. For times when you have hundreds of DSLR photos, but are having a hard time explaining the case to a co-worker, attorney, superior, grand jury, jury, judge, etc., use the OSCR360 software to organize and contain all of your evidence in one simple and easy destination. Attach your digital media and supporting evidentiary files to the OSCR project. Use the software to connect the dots, find the truth, and present the case in court.
  2. How many times have you, or someone on your team said “I wish we had a photo of that” or “Did anyone take a picture of xxx?” Mitigate those worries with OSCR360. At a mere 4-10 seconds per capture, you can take a photo everywhere “just in case” and capture it all in 360° detail. It’s so quick and easy, you can capture ALL your photos in 15 minutes or less.
  3. Have you ever had your scene contaminated, or worse – trampled, by someone who really shouldn’t have been walking through? With OSCR360, allocate 1 single person to “OSCR” your scene upon arrival. After capturing your first set of spherical photos, instantaneously review the scene at the command tent to establish your execution plan. No unnecessary people, no more trampling.
  4. From NCIS to CSI, people are indulging in television shows further heightening their expectations in a court room. It’s the TV era and everyone expects CSI-level investigations supported by visual demonstrative exhibits. Put juries in the center of the scene and the environment in which it occurred. Take anyone on a virtual walk through. Is this a true and accurate representation? Yes.

Now that you’ve read OSCR360 FAQs Part 2, more are coming your way in Part 3 – Check back soon.
To learn more about OSCR360, visit our OSCR site here.

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