L-Tron is pleased to announce the release of a desktop software update for the patented OSCR360 System. OSCR360 Desktop Software release v.2024.200.0 includes several improvements that were developed directly from current user feedback. New OSCR360 units will ship with version 200 and OSCR360 users with current maintenance plans may install the update upon opening the OSCR360 Desktop Software.

The OSCR360 System is designed for crime, crash, and fire investigation and prosecution, as well as emergency preparedness and public safety/first responder training. The system enables users to store, organize, and present evidence and key scene details within 360-degree overall images using interactive Points of Interest (POIs), creating a comprehensive virtual walkthrough of the scene.

Desktop Software v.2024.200.0 includes several key features for OSCR’s Points of Interest, including:

  • Points of Interest now have changeable icons.

POI may be displayed as a dot, evidence marker, fingerprint or other icon. Users can also add a corresponding number or text.

  • Points of Interest can be changed to a specific color.

For example, show black dots, yellow evidence markers or red emergency equipment – according to user preference.

  • Points of Interest can be titled.

Users have the ability to add titles to POIs and can also enable titles to always show or to hover to show titles.

OSCR360 new Pois in OSCR360 Desktop Software release v.2024.200.0

OSCR360 was built in-house by L-Tron’s team of software developers and engineers, and every OSCR360 software update reflects the combined feedback from law enforcement, fire investigators, and prosecutors nationwide. With an updated maintenance plan, OSCR360 customers can access the latest software updates and receive uninterrupted access to L-Tron’s support team, day or night.

Please contact L-Tron directly with any questions.

About L-Tron

Established in 1975, L-Tron specializes in world-class data capture hardware and software for the public sector, healthcare, field mobility, and manufacturing industries. OSCR360 was developed in-house by L-Tron’s team of engineers, who collaborated closely with investigators, prosecutors, and jurors to develop the system. Our mission is to truly understand your workflow challenges and collaborate with you to find a cost-effective solution to optimize your efficiency. We’re passionate about providing service and product excellence. Your success is our purpose!


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