Intended for enterprise applications, the ET1 Tablet is built tough and secure with numerous user-friendly features.

Motorola’s ET1 Tablet Delivers Enterprise Dependability


L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of the ET1 Rugged Enterprise Tablet Computer by Motorola Solutions. The device features a stylish, yet virtually indestructible exterior and an easy-to-use Android operating system with enhanced security, flexibility and manageability intended to excel in enterprise applications.

Built purposefully for business tasks, the ET1 is easily deployed in retail, field sales and service-related assignments. From out in the field to the stockroom or the sales floor, the tablet is extremely mobile and flexible, as it runs on high-speed WLAN or WWAN connectivity. Durability is an absolute with the ET1’s resilient Gorilla® Glass construction, as proven by its ability to handle drops, spills and a wide temperature range.

The ET1 offers uncompromised security by means of encrypted, secured data and manageability is never an issue with multiple user log-ons with personalized workspaces and a user-replaceable battery so that the ET1 can be used all day long.

The ET1 runs on the Android operating system, and has 1GB RAM, 8GB total flash memory, and a user accessible microSD card slot supporting up to 32GB. An 8 Megapixel camera for capturing images and barcodes, as well as GPS and video come standard; plus an optional scanner, mag-stripe reader, and Motorola’s push-to-talk for voice are all available for additional versatility.