L-Tron Presents at the 2012 Advantech AASECO Conference in Taipai, Taiwan.

L-Tron Corporation attended the Advantech Automation Sales Eco Partnership (AASECO) conference in Taipai, Taiwan from October 17 – 20, 2012.  According to Ming Chin, the President of Advantech Corporation, the goal of the AASECO event was to “make channel partners feel part of the enterprise, just like our internal employees,” explains Ming Chin, the President of Advantech Corporation.  “Advantech has formed strong and lasting partnerships with many well-established channel partners and solution partners to deliver prompt and reliable local services for our customers. Through rigorous training and validation, our partners are certified annually, guaranteeing a high standard of quality & service. With these dedicated and well-trained sales and technical support teams, Advantech customers can enjoy outstanding quality services and early access to latest industrial computing solutions. I would say the strong cooperative relationship with our channel partners is one of the most keys to our business success.

L-Tron was honored to be asked to present at the conference.  L-Tron President and CEO, RAD DeRose presented L-Tron’s Advanced Business Growth Plan, which was extremely well-received.   L-Tron’s AASECO attendees had a very positive experience at the conference and look forward to future Advantech events.