L-Tron Grand Giveaway recipients received an iPad or store credit.

L-Tron Corporation is pleased to announce the recipients of the L-Tron Grand Giveaway website promotion.  The Grand Giveaway iPad recipient was Keith from Mississippi.  The monthly store credit recipients were Aing from Oregon, Joe from Georgia, and an anonymous recipient from Syracuse, New York.

Keith has been an L-Tron customer for over five years.  According to Keith, his company develops software and utilizes L-Tron scanners to read product bar codes and employee badges for payroll deductions from cafeteria meal plans.  When asked why he enjoys working with L-Tron Corporation, Keith replied that L-Tron’s prices are “very competitive and I like the way you process and get the order out immediately.”  Keith added, “I’ve placed an order at 3 in the afternoon and it was in the door by 10 the next morning.”

L-Tron launched its web store, www.L-TronDirect.com, on August 30, 2012 and introduced the Company’s Grand Giveaway launch promotion shortly thereafter.  Giveaway participants were able to participate in a variety of ways.

L-Tron plans to announce their next web store promotion, coming soon!