Ultra-compact barcode sensor fits easily into tight spaces for embedded barcode applications across multiple industries, reading barcodes within a close proximity.

Compact Barcode Sensor Decodes Swiftly at a Close Range

L-Tron Corporation announces the availability of the highly popular MS-4 Ultra-Compact Barcode Sensor by Microscan.  As the smallest high-resolution barcode sensor in the world today, the scanner is intended for a variety of embedded barcode applications.

The small size and thoughtful design of the MS-4 allows for mounting flexibility in even the most inconvenient spaces, while optional USB connectivity is incorporated to offer an added advantage for many users.  With omnidirectional scanning capabilities of up to 10 decodes per second and the widest field of view available, the MS-4 easily reads barcode symbols from as close as one inch away.

This linear and 2D barcode sensor is a good fit for applications involving clinical instruments, bank ATMs, parking kiosks, point-of-sale terminals and robotics.  Furthermore, the compact design of the MS-4 conveniently allows for barcode decoding in confined spaces, making this sensor ideal for OEM design engineers who need to read 2D symbols without compromising data integrity.

As a well-known provider of barcode products and solutions, L-Tron Corporation provides data collection solutions for virtually any business, government or healthcare application, large or small.  Products range from scanners and imagers to printers and verifiers for off-the-shelf and custom solution requirements.  In addition, L-Tron now offers a free state-of-the-art barcode generator on its corporate website, allowing clients to create both 1D and 2D barcode images at no cost, including the up-and-coming QR Code.  This free barcode generator can be accessed at http://www.l-tron.com/CustomerSupport/BarcodeGenerator.aspx.