Always makes our day!

But it is very special when a client takes the time to send a handwritten note to our customer service manager to say thank you.

Guess what we received in the mail a few weeks ago?  A handwritten note from Ed thanking Brandon (a member of our technical product team) for his proactive customer service.

As is often the case problems are the squeaky wheel, and we like problems too because they are opportunities to shine.

The thank you note from Ed spoke to who we are as a culture-we are all about our client and our client’s success.

The note started out like this:

“I want to comment on a great pro-active customer service call I received last week. Brandon called me last week and asked a few questions about my online order because he thought something was wrong”….
*Keep scrolling down the page to view the whole note.

brandonShout out to Brandon–job well done! 


A quick call was made to our client as well–to thank him for taking the time out from his day with a note that made our week here at L-Tron Corporation!

You can read the full note below: