In a previous blog, I wrote about the implementation of new GS1 standards. The GS1 organization, along with the International Diary-Deli-Bakery Association and International Dairy Foods Association recently released new guidelines for traceability. The new guidelines cover dairy, deli and bakery products with details on product identification and how to use batch/lot numbers and bar codes. Issues such as how to handle recalls, for example, as well as the steps involved are also outlined.GS1_DairyDeliBakery_Icon
By following these newly established guidelines, companies can have a more effective traceability program of identifying, capturing, and sharing product data along the supply chain by leveraging GS1 standards. This will improve supply chain visibility, business efficiency and food safety.

Some interesting facts that I’ve learned concerning the GS1 Standard are:
  • GS1 is used by 2 million companies worldwide.
  • Barcodes are scanned more than 5 billion times a day globally.
  • Country-based GS1 Member Organizations provide local support and expertise to businesses in 150 countries.
  • As a pioneer of the Universal Product Code, GS1 US has close to 300,000 users in 25 industries

If you would like to learn more information about implementing and enhancing product traceability processes, the GS1 US Dairy, Deli, & Bakery Traceability Program offers education, training, support and more.