police officerHave you thanked an officer lately? You may or may not know, this past Saturday, September 19th was National Thank A Police Officer Day.


We wanted to express our gratitude and share our own experiences with Law Enforcement.

Here are some of the team’s personal stories below, Thank You, ALL Police Officers!!

Keeping Me Calm 

“We had been married less than 5 years.  My husband was working the night shift at the time, since our children were small. My oldest son at the time was almost 3 years old. My two younger children were sleeping quietly in their cribs; I awake suddenly hearing my oldest making a horrible noise.  I sprint to his room; throw on the light and see him turning turning shades of purple and blue. As a young mother, home alone with little ones, I couldn’t help but panic during the situation. I called 911 and the local police officers were first to arrive. They brought such a calming presence that I will never forget how much it meant to me, and my family. As I tended to my child, one of them went to get a neighbor to watch my sleeping children so I could ride in the ambulance with my son. They phoned my husband, and remained with me until the ambulance, and my neighbor arrived.”


Making Sure We’re Okay

“Thankfully, the only story I have to share is when my two year old grandson dialed 911 by accident. We had NO idea! Two very nice police officers rolled up into our driveway and knocked on our door to make sure we were all okay, asking to see our grandson was safe with their own eyes. I really loved the proactive protection and service.”


Giving Us Strength

“The only direct experience I had was subtle, but powerful. I had relatives who were killed by a drunk driver. I was in court, listening to the defense lawyers grilling the first officer on the scene. The officer didn’t back down or even flinch at the questions he was being asked. Of course the defense attorney was trying to get him to trip up, make something look not quite right, or give some sort of doubt. The officer knew his facts, even a year after the fact. After the officer’s testimony, he got up, walked by my family, paused, and gave us a wink. We never got to speak to him, but somehow that gesture took all the nerves away and we knew things were going to work out.”


Saving Lives 24/7/365

A number of years ago my husband (a LEO) and a few of his coworkers were golfing on a well-deserved day off. There was a foursome in front of them.  One of the individuals in that group was apparently stung by mud wasps.  The gentleman went into anaphylactic shock right there on the fairway, and he want into cardiac arrest.  Thanks to my husband’s quick thinking, his instinctive training kicked in and he managed to get the gentleman the medical attention he needed.  His family later expressed their thanks for my husband saving their loved ones life.  A LEO is on the job 24/7-365!


Going Above and Beyond

“While I was still working at a local School District, I stopped by a local pharmacy to pick up a large order of epi-pens for all of the school nurses. On my way back to work, I stopped at Tops Supermarket to buy a few items. When I went to the checkout counter, I had my car keys, but not my purse or my wallet. I panicked! I called by husband while he was at work to inform him to cancel our credit card. I then called my office and talked with the school security director, who was a retired Police Officer. He came immediately over to Tops and met with me and the store officials. They looked at the video tapes to see what went on while I was in line.

I said there was a commotion in the line with three women in front of me who made things very confusing about their purchased items. The retired officer thought they might be gypsies who pull this type of scenario. After 15 minutes of investigating, the local police being called to the store, and my husband joining them, everyone decided to get on with their day while the police further investigated this incident. When I came back to my car – – there was my purse – – in the back seat! I had put it there to make room for the large box I had picked up containing the epi-pens. We all had a good laugh – and I sent a well-deserved thank you letter to the local Police with a copy to the retired officer for their assistance.”


“I was in my first car accident this spring. Thanks to an angel on my shoulder, I was not injured. The first one to the scene was an EMT. He checked to make sure everyone involved was unharmed. Then Officer James and another officer (whose name I did not get) arrived. Both officers were very calming. They spoke to me and then the other driver took statements and assessed the scene. They stayed with us until the tow truck arrived. Officer James even offered to drive me to the collision shop where my car was being towed. I did not have a way to get there. Thank you to the mystery EMT man and the two officers that went the extra mile to be friendly, kind, and comforting at such a scary time.”


These are just a few great examples of how Officers help us out everyday.

Thank you again for your service Police Officers!