New EDA (Electronic Digital Assistant) provides advanced computing, communication, and data collection for all sorts of mobile enterprises in a rugged, reliable design.
Multi-Functional EDAs for the World’s Growing Mobile Workforce
L-Tron Corporation, teaming with Honeywell International, presents a mobile enterprise computing device designed to maximize worker productivity, regardless of location.  The rugged Dolphin 7800 Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA) fulfills the fast-paced requirements of today’s mobile workforce by providing multi-functional computing, communication, and data collection at top speeds.
The device incorporates fast and reliable wireless connectivity, along with a powerful processor and network connections, to enable users with constant access to essential business applications and data.  The 7800 EDA integrates Adaptus® Imaging Technology 6.0, permitting rapid scanning of both linear and 2D barcodes.  Additionally, the EDA includes a color camera for applications requiring image and/or video capture.
The 7800 is lightweight and compact to accommodate user comfort, while containing multiple features to ensure durability, reliability, and a long lifespan despite the challenge of frequent daily usage.  On-the-go workers are able to consistently utilize this EDA in spite of a wide range of challenging environmental factors.  An outdoor-viewable VGA display, for instance, conveniently allows for usage in any lighting condition.  There are also multiple keypad options to meet the needs of diverse mobile enterprises.
With data and communication features comparable to industrial-grade mobile computers, the Dolphin 7800 is an affordably-priced option for a wide variety of enterprises.  L-Tron additionally offers other variations of mobile computers in Honeywell’s Dolphin line, ranging from scanphones and EDAs to light industrial and industrial PDTs, all of which provide high-quality, top-of-the-line mobile computing.